The Down Syndrome Detective

Billie has Down syndrome but he’s not going to let that hold him back. His brother, Dox, a detective, takes him on the job and he’s a success. He’s so far out of the box, never having been in one, suspects drop their masks and get caught in the act. The brothers travel the world, have incredible adventures and run up against prejudice but Billie won’t quit. All he wants is to be accepted for the person he is and people are just going to have to get used to him!

“The Down Syndrome Detective,” features a cast of characters from the wilds of Canada and eighty-six thousand words of intriguing case work in New York, Paris, Rio and Ibiza by two of the planet’s most unorthodox detectives.

Working creatively with persons who are developmentally challenged has taught me that everyone has potential and it’s the heart that matters. Hundreds of millions live with disabilities but are rarely present in the fabric of fiction. I want readers to fall for Billie the way I have, see him for the big-hearted guy he is and realize that there are so many amazing people in this world who may be a bit different but have a lot to offer.