The Down Syndrome Detective

Billie is a detective with Down syndrome who’s so far out of the box, never having been in one that suspects drop their masks and get caught in the act. Together with his brother, Jay Dox, he travels the world and they solve cases no one else can figure out.

The Down Syndrome Detective, features a cast of characters from the wilds of Canada and eighty-six thousand words of intriguing case work in New York, Rio, Paris and Ibiza.

In this High-concept, Up Lit series, a developmentally challenged Sherlock Holmes meets a low brow version of The Rosie Project and collides with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Working creatively with people who are challenged has taught me that everyone has potential. Some of the most wonderful and heart-warming individuals I’ve met are differently abled. Global Down syndrome organizations have expressed an interest in my series, believing, as I do that there’s a market for inclusive literature.

From the heart

Anna Lia