In this High-concept, Up Lit series, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time meets The Rosie Project and collides with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Billie and Dox are brothers – detectives for the Lost Soul Agency. No one expects much of Billie who has Down syndrome, but he’s so far out of the box that people are caught off guard and reveal their darkest secrets.

In the heart of Paris, politicians have vanished and the brothers are hired to find them. Dox is kidnapped, Billie goes after him and they tangle with French anarchists.

Cracking cases that involve a bloody Fabergé egg, a diamond-sniffing dog and the face-lifted identity theft of a celebrity, the brothers develop into a team of top-notch detectives. Dox supports and protects his little brother as they journey through eighty-five thousand words but no one can stave off prejudice. Being shunned and subjected to the ugly “r” word is taking its toll. Billie’s closing down and Dox is flooded with guilt. 

Would it be better if Billie stayed home?

But doesn’t he have the right to be here just like anyone else?

From the heart

Anna Lia